Beautang Series provide Slimming & Collagen Products, Hair Care Products and Skin Care Products. All products of Beautang series are come from Beautang Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan. Beautang Series was established with the vision to administer the distribution of reputable, health food supplements, Healthy Slim and Healthy Collagen.

We are a leading fully integrated marketer of slimming supplement Healthy Slim and Healthy Collagen, our flagship slimming product and market leader in dietary food supplement brand.

Our current distribution network cover over  200 retail outlets in major South East Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and others.

Internationally, Beautang Series have experienced strong historical growth in Tokyo, Japan and through distributors, licensees and joint venture relationships in over 40 other countries.

Since year 2000, more than a hundred thousand regular users around the world have been fascinated by the success stories of Beautang Series products.

Our distinctive angel logo symbolizes life, hope and beauty - everything about miracle. It also uniquely represents the Power To Transform. At Beautang Series, we aspire to making your life more beautiful...